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Ken Cave

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 During my recent career search I considered buying a franchise. Ken was a great mentor/coach through the process! He took the time to understand what I would enjoy, push me when I needed and was frank during conversations at all times; this was refreshing and appreciated. 

I had the opportunity to discuss three opportunities with some great people and all three would have satisfied my wants; both from a content/challenge standpoint and economically. He did a great job fitting me to the right companies. 

Friends have gone through the same process and I was surprised their experience wasn't even close to as satisfying as mine. I attribute this to Ken and the choices he helped me make. 

He is great at his role and I would suggest him to anyone considering owning their own business! 

   Bill Herman

I had been looking for a business to get into for over two years. During my search one of them I inquired about was represented by Ken. After our discussion Ken presented a different business, Floor Coverings International, to me as a good fit and he was right. I recommend anyone looking to buy or even sell a business to contact Ken.

Steve Finch

Ken proactively reached out to me, within 4 weeks of entering into a corporate career transition. While I had not seriously considered going into business myself, Ken very professionally prompted me to step back to consider this possibility. As a result of this process, I soon found myself considering some very viable franchises. 

Throughout the franchise assessment exercise, I had the privilege of interacting with existing business owners, and their associated franchisor sales teams, many of whom gave glowing feedback on Ken, his suggestions, his franchise selection approach, and ultimate professionalism. Further, I experienced zero sales pressure, finding Ken's support, communication and availability outstanding. 

If you find yourself in a similar transition situation, you should seriously consider franchise ownership exploration. If for no other reason, you will learn a lot, and have a wonderful experience working with Ken.

David Rothman

I was introduced to Ken at a time when I was looking to transition away from the corporate world. Ken was very thorough in his initial evaluation and truly had my interests in mind as he searched for the right opportunities for me to pursue. After several very viable solutions were presented, I landed on what I think was the perfect solution for me. Ken's project management and communication style made the entire process very effective. It was a true pleasure working with Ken and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for that next big opportunity.

Craig Valier

I worked with Ken during my career transition at the end of 2013, beginning of 2014. Ken and I connected after my departure from my last position to explore opportunities for business ownership as a potential next step. 

From the outset, Ken took several weeks to gain an understanding of who I am and what is important to me before he did anything else. He also took extreme care to emphasize that the discovery process was about me and what I wanted to do, nothing else. 

Ken provided excellent advice and guidance during my discovery and went to great lengths to ensure that I was fully informed with the best possible information. His recommendations for further exploration were spot on. Even more importantly, he stayed with me throughout the process, always available to answer questions and provide insight, without steering or driving me along any particular path. 

Clearly an expert advisor and coach, you will not find a better partner to help you with this type of career transition decision process. 

R. Scott Hodges

Ken was a huge help in my search for a business opportunity Always provided me with multiple opportunities. If you are considering purchasing a business, let Ken help to make sure you are ready. IF so he can make sure you make the right choice!

Paul Viemann 

I started working with Ken after spending 30+ years in 'corporate America' and wanting to do something different. Ken's insight, guidance, and contacts were key in the process of finding the best franchise for me and my family. Ken put me in touch with key players across each of the options that were presented as well as financing possibilities and choices. I strongly recommend working with Ken to anyone interested in pursuing a new path.

Tom Swingle

Ken is a valuable and trusted resource who provides excellent guidance to those either in professional transition or exploring new career paths. Ken is able to utilize a combination of instincts, insights and experience to assist his clients arrive at their proper destination.

Dave Nitzel

We didn't even know we wanted to be business owners when Ken came into our lives. He helped us move through the many franchise options to find the one that made the most sense for us. He asked us questions and helped us formulate questions to ask of the franchises we interviewed. We believe we made the right decision for us and for our future and could not have done this without Ken's help! 

Becky Novak

"Thanks to my Entrepreneur's Source coach I have now had my business open for a little over a month and the learning process that my coach has given me during the past year with the plethora of knowledge that he possesses will in the future still be helpful. I would have to say if anyone out there is interested in becoming a franchise owner you WILL need a coach and at The Entrepreneur's Source you will not go wrong. I would also feel comfortable in saying that had I not came on board with my coach I would maybe still be trying to get my business off the ground." I consulted with Ken during my career search after a 31 year tenure with a Fortune 500 company. I was contemplating investing and managing a franchise type of enterprise, but was not knowledgeable about how to go about searching opportunities. Ken was very helpful in guiding me through the process. Initially he took time to get to know me and provided some tests that measured my interests and acumen in particular areas. He suggested 3 good options for me to pursue. After some initial conversations with the 3 franchise providers, I decided not pursue the entrepreneur path as I was better suited for other careers. However Ken's guidance helped me come to that conclusion. Ken was never "pushy". His goal was to help me find the right fit for me. I would recommend using Ken's expertise and his vast system of contacts if you are considering the franchise/entrepreneur career path.

Tim Maniscalo